Call for Abstracts

Topics relating to the British Invasion may include:

• Local histories of collaborations or resistances
• Key players – from the British and Spanish soldiers, officers, the religious orders, native militiamen, the Chinese and Indian sepoys.
• Effect of the event on Philippine material, architectural and visual cultures
• Philippine objects of knowledge and their dispersal
• Analysis of primary sources
• Inter-imperial realignments leading to and after the invasion
• Socio -economic reversals and new opportunities
• Transregional underpinnings and effects of the Invasion in relation to South and South East Asia
• The place of the Invasion in global history and the history of ideas

Proposals for presentations should include a title, an abstract (200 words), institutional affiliation, a bio sketch (100 words).

Deadline: 30 June 2022 for abstracts and art proposals.

Please upload through the google form here.